About Us

With her unique talent and years of experience, Jeanne Lee has gained popularity in providing an exceptional service to her clients. She is well-known for her expertise in hands and feet. Her passion in reflexology leads to her skillful art of foot massage that could release you from a stressful day. Jeanne believes that healthy hands and feet are indication of its beauty.

Jeanne is joined by her mother, Cathy Tran. A graduate of California Beauty Academy, Cathy has been doing manicures and waxing on Newbury Street since 1996, most recently at L'Elegance. Her specialty is eye brow shaping and waxing.

When Jeanne was a teenager, Cathy encouraged her to learn to do pedicures. At first she thought it was a fun thing to do but never realized that pedicures would become a part of her life. Jeanne dreamed that one day she would be able open a salon with her mom. After 12 years of hard work, she is finally realizing her goal of creating a salon where clients feel at home.

John Tran is a specialist in reflexology. He attended Palmer Institute in Salem, MA. He has been assisting seniors at the Sacred Heart in Malden by using pressure points on feet. He is also learning energy healing techniques to apply on the feet and body to assist people who have sleeping disorders.

Rick Tran comes from Indiana where he has been giving manicures and pedicures for over 14 years. He is very excitied to join Jeanne to expand his skill and help new clients.

Visit Jeanne Lee Salon to experience the indulging and warm atmosphere while enjoying the gentle touch of our talented staff.